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CounterTop Transformations
  • Applied over exciting countertops
  • Easy to maintain, Heat resistant
  • Affordable!!
Epoxy Floors
  • Full Broadcast, Partial Broadcast, Solid color, 100% solid epoxy
  • Epoxy varys from 2 to 5 layers of materials
  • Full Broadcast epoxy includes our secret clear which makes our floor better than our competitors
Water Base Stain / Acid Stain
  • Add color to your concrete by applying a waterbase stain for a new classy, clean, pet friendly floor
  • Do you have a unlevel concrete with cracks, add an Overlay stain

Flagstone Overlay Imatation
  • Is your concrete cracked, chipping, or just plain old
  • Flagstone Overlay is the answer to your problems
  • Give your property a new look
S&R Decorative Coatings