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About Us

S&R Decorative Coatings is a family owned and operated company. We are not the biggest company in the floor business but we offer warranty (call for details) on our epoxy floors, also warranty (call for details) on acid staining and epoxy counters, and affordable prices for everyone. All of our employees are experienced installers. We have a trained team that will examine your floor and show you our variety of colors, textures and different flooring systems that we offer. We only specialize in high performance floor coatings so you know your getting the best when you chose S&R Decorative Coatings. As much as we like to spend time with our customers we don’t make it a habit to come back for repairs, as much as when you call us back for referrals.

The key to a successful and long lasting installation is not to skimp on the materials. Also the preparation that is done BEFORE the application of the decorative finish. In addition to mechanically preparing the substrate, we are one of only a few of the major installers that go the extra step to apply an Epoxy Primer before the decorative finish. The benefit of the primer coat is that it permiates into the concrete which aids in preventing out gassing from the substrate and provides better adhesion for the 100% top coats. Also we apply two coats of sealers on our granite applications. One coat which is our secret formula and the other polyurethane 100% solids that protects it.

S&R Decorative Coatings is committed to serving you with experience, professional installers, customer service, and even if you do not choose S&R Decorative Coatings our customer service is gladly to answer any of your questions that you may have in completing your project. When it comes to having a long lasting floor we have the solution, just give us a call.

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Transformation of Countertops:
No need to remove old countertop, 2-day process, 5-layers of materials, Heat resistant to kitchen items!
S&R Decorative Coatings